Learn IOT Projects

Elconics is tech company provides you complete industrial solution on Embedded system & Internet of things.

Core services

Elconics is a tech company that specializes in the Internet of Things and embedded systems for a variety of industries.

To make better business decisions, businesses are expected to monitor every individual process remotely in the age of industry 4.0. Our monitoring system uses internet of things and embedded systems to revolutionize industry growth and  take businesses  to another level.

With our industrial automation expertise, Elconics strives to provide the best solution for each specific application.

IOT Development

Provides Industrial and commercial IOT solutions

Embedded system

Provides Industrial and commercial Embedded system solutions

Ed - Tech

Provides You best courses on Embedded and IOT with live classes and webinar.

Web Solutions

Complete web solutions with Web Applications, Websites and mobile applications

IOT Development

Provides a complete cloud base IOT solutions as per your requirement.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

We are experts in reading data from a plant floor and put it in cloud for better business analytics.

Energy Monitoring

We build energy monitoring system based on industrial machinery and give complete analytics of usages and efficiency .

Asset tracking System

Asset tracking using GPS over IoT using a specified geographical area. Up to 5 years of battery life for battery-operated solutions

Ed- Tech

By our scratch2advance course you can learn , what is an embedded system, how to program Arduino microcontroller, How to get confident with any sensor , How to print useful data in LCD display
How to read and sned value via blutooth.
IOT concept and projects
How to push your useful data in cloud using ESP32
How to make an alert system and numbers of projects



Arduino is a best microcontroller to start from beginners to advance.

Internet of things

IOT course will help you to connect your microcontroller to the cloud

Embedded system

Learn Different microcontrollers to perform specific task