Month: December 2021

Legal Term for Verbal Agreement

A verbal agreement is a contract made between two parties that is based solely on spoken words. It is a form of agreement that does not involve a written contract or any form of documentation. In legal terms, a verbal agreement is known as a “verbal contract” or “oral contract”. The legal system recognizes …

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Payment Settlement Agreements

Payment settlement agreements are an important aspect of any transaction or deal that involves the exchange of money. Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or consumer, understanding what payment settlement agreements are and how they work is crucial. In this article, we will explain what payment settlement agreements are and why they are …

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Fixed Term Contract Lease

Fixed-term contract leases are a popular form of lease agreement that have gained widespread acceptance in recent years, especially in the rental property market. These leases are designed to give both tenants and landlords more security and certainty over the length of the lease, and they can be a great option for those looking …

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