Assembly of Robotic Car Chassis

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To make different robotic car projects like – Line follower, Obstacle Avoider robot, Obstacle follower robot, Bluetooth control car, Gesture control car and many more you need these components and assemble by following a simple step.

Component requires:-

  • A chassis
  • Two BO Motor with wheels
  • Ball caster wheel
  • A screw driver
  • Screws
  • L293D motor driver
  • A battery pack

Step :- 1 Take a Chassis and screw It Tightly As Shown below

Step :- 2 Similarly attach second motor and screw it tightly

Use dual tape to attach ball caster wheel

Step :- 3 Stick ball caster wheel and screw it tightly

Step :- 4 Attach wheels and you are done

Step :- 5 Now connect L293D motor driver

Step :- 6 Now make a battery pack with AA battery

Step :- 7 Attach battery pack to the motor driver and you are done.

For more details must watch this video

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