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There are millions of tutorials on YouTube or on some blogs they teach you as well as provide you better content of projects which is little bit confusing if you don’t know where to start.

So, you are at right place here you learn from scratch to advance, how to start learning robotics and how to build robots.

You should follow simple steps:

  1. You need to know what is microcontrollers and microprocessor’s
  2. Microprocessor

A microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable, and clock-driven, register based electronic device, that reads binary instruction from a storage device called memory, accepts binary data as input from an input device and processes data according to those instructions, and provides result as output to the output device.

The microprocessor is the controlling element in the computer system and is sometimes referred to as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the computer’s brain.

Microprocessor performs three main tasks for the computer system:

1. data transfer between itself and the memory or I/O systems.

2. simple arithmetic and logic operations and

3. program flow via simple decisions. Although these are simple tasks, but through them, the microprocessor performs virtually any series operations or tasks.

  • Microcontroller

A microcontroller is ma multipurpose, programmable, and clock-driven register based electronic device, that read binary instruction from a direct user input it doesn’t require any external memory unit all components like RAM, A/D converter, Oscillator, Program memory and microprocessor they are embedded in it, so it is also called embedded IC which is part of embedded system.

 We have to study more about microcontroller in detail in another blog.

  • Selecting a microcontroller – Arduino.

Why Arduino because it has wider range of application and user friendly which make you easier to understand working of microcontroller. You can understand higher bit of microcontroller with less effort after working on Arduino projects.

  • Learn about Arduino –
  • Purchasing a microcontroller

You should purchase a microcontroller for practical learning experience otherwise you can learn on simulation like Thinkercad .

Learning with practical is more valuable it does not cost too much, you can buy it from amazon

Or from our site –

Purchasing Arduino kit together is a better option you will get components together like LED, resistors, sensors and many more you don’t have to purchase it individually.

You can buy it from this link –

  • Learn coding –  C-language

Learning coding is important, If you have little knowledge of C language then it is enough you do need higher programming knowledge.

You can learn it by working on projects.

  • Start with some basic projects

You have start with basic projects like –

  • LED blinking
  • LED control by an input
  • Control relay
  • Control motors or mechanical components
  • Taking input from sensors
  • Controlling LED by sensors input

You can go through this free playlist –

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