Processor Architectures

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  1. Von Neuman Architecture

The Von Neumann architecture consists of an arithmetic unit, a program control unit, a single bus for memory access, and a single shared memory for programs and data. The fetching and execution cycles are taken seriously by the Von Neumann processor.

Von Neumann architecture - Wikipedia

2. Harvard Architecture

The Harvard architecture is a type of computer architecture featuring distinct transmission and storage channels for data and instructions. In contrast, programme instructions and data share the same memory and communication paths in the von Neumann architecture.

Harvard architecture - Wikipedia

3. Super Harvard Architecture

SHARC is a high performance floating-point and fixed-point DSP from Analog Devices. It is built on the Super Harvard Architecture. From audio processing to single-CPU guided artillery shells to 1000-CPU over-the-horizon radar processing computers, SHARC is employed in a range of signal processing applications.

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